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What is Wafer Dicing?

The technique of separating individual dies from a larger piece of semiconductor material (a wafer) is known as wafer dicing (or wafer scribing, or wafer cutting or die singulation). This term was created in the semiconductor industry to describe singulation of the individual die from the wafer.

Over the years, the  APD dicing processes have evolved into something much broader that no longer fits the simple Wikipedia definition.  Although we continue to process semiconductor wafers as our primary bread-and-butter product, a more precise categorization might be precision micromachining of hard, brittle materials. 

What We Do

American Precision Dicing, Inc. manages a number of processes.  Some are internal processes and some are owned by our long term partners.

Customer Engagement Process

The most requested wafer dicing process involves the dicing of silicon wafers and is performed by most wafer dicing companies.  The APD engagement process is described below.  This process can handle the dicing of silicon wafers and is flexible enough to include a broad range of precision manufacturing projects.

Customer Service

We have been dicing wafers since 1999. Most of our employees have been with us for decades. Many of
our customers have been coming back for years. We must be doing something right.

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