300mm (12 inch) Wafer Dicing

We have been dicing 300mm (12 inch) wafers for some time now.  However, recently we upgraded our processes related to those wafers.  We purchased a brand new Accretech SS30 to enhance our ability to process these large wafers.  Shown below is that machine and comments on its capabilities.

If you have a 300mm wafer that requires dicing we would love to cut it on our new machine.

An SS30 Dicing Saw is a 300mm saw made by Accretech.

Wafer Dicing Capabilities

Processes 300 millimeter wafers - of course it can also process any diameter wafer smaller than that.

Awesome Optics - No more guessing as to where the lane markers are.

Intuitive GUI - Large touchscreen with large buttons and a very logical layout.

Fantastic Accuracy - Plus or minus 2 microns absolute accuracy across the face of a 300mm wafer.  Plus or minus 1 micron repeatability.

Ludicrous Spindle Speed - 60k rpms...  about twice the speed of the old machine.  This comes in handy when trying to get a near polished cut.

Artificial Intelligence used in the kerf check function - This is way better than the way we used to do it.

Can store 10,000 process parameter combinations - It will be so much easier to set up a job we have processed before.

Easy to fix when things break - Any complex machine will eventually fail.  Accretech has done a fantastic job of making all parts of this machine easily accessible.