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APD offers a number of services

Some of these services have been developed in-house, and others are managed with our long-time partners.

In-House Process

Wafer Dicing Service

Our wafer dicing service is our core competency and our passion.


In some cases, the wafer surface has to be protected from downstream processes by applying a layer of photoresist.

Die Sort, Pick, Place and Labeling

The Die Pick & Place and Sort/Label process complements the wafer dicing process.

Laser marking

Laser marking is a non-contact process that utilizes lasers to etch serial numbers onto wafers.

Wafer Coring

The process of coring (or resizing) a wafer to reduce its diameter can sometimes require additional processing.

Managed Services

Wafer Backgrinding

Wafer backgrinding, also known as thinning, removes material from the back of a silicon wafer to achieve a desired thickness.

Wafer Acquisition

Procuring the proper wafer to be processed can sometimes be very frustrating.