APD is proud to be one of the fastest quick turn dicing shops in the world, filling a critical customer need for fast, high quality work.

On small jobs APD provides same day quick turns with counter-to-counter delivery for those customers that have to have it now. For local customers APD can even do a while-you-wait quick turn.

To complement our prototype focused processes, APD also offers:

  • low to medium volume wafer dicing capacity as backup to current dicing processes

  • process development support for new product development

  • cost reduction solutions for products currently in production

For your convenience, APD offers both:

  • standard 3-5 day turnaround, or

  • same day service (which in some cases can be done while you wait in our lobby)

There are various levels of engagement possible when partnering with APD. Underlying all of those levels is an overriding sense of urgency. Our need for speed is regularly communicated throughout the team members of our company.

Our engagement process usually involves 4 distinct phases.

Initial emails with drawings and (sometimes) phone calls. We will not proceed to the next step until we are confident that we understand all of the clients requirements. We prefer anticipating problems rather than reacting to them.

  1. We identify the sequence of processes required to achieve the customers requirements.

  2. We create the quote and present to the client.

  3. If the quote is acceptable to the client, a PO is created and we execute the job.

  4. After the completion of every job we review the QA results and any feedback from the client to determine what went right and what went wrong.

In order to give you the highest service level possible, we do recommend calling ahead before bringing your job to us.