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Die Sort, Pick, Place and Labeling

Die Sort, Pick, Place and Labeling

In many cases, the customer will specify that the cut wafer is to be left on tape and wants it shipped back to them on the dicing tape. However, when that is not the case, the client can choose any of the following services.

Once the die has been singulated by the dicing process, it can be sorted and placed into the required handling media. Because our focus at APD is on custom small- to medium-sized jobs, we currently use a manual picking process, which allows us to provide fast turns to our customers. A manual picking process beats an automated process on small to medium- sized jobs. In other words, we can sort, pick, place, and label (and ship) a job faster than it takes to program, setup, and troubleshoot an automatic picking machine. We speak from experience as we used to have one of those automatic machines.

Die sorting

Die sorting is the process of separating different types of dies based on their specifications, such as size, shape, place on a die map, or test results. When looking for test results, we can sort by black dot or a test results map. Complex die maps involving multi-project wafers can be picked up quickly and accurately.

Die Picking

Die Picking is the process of removing the die from the holding medium, such as standard dicing tape, UV release dicing tape, or Van der Wall dicing tape. During the picking process, we can also visually inspect the individual die pieces. We look for chips and cracks, placement of the dicing cuts, peeling of gold from the backside, and sidewall fracturing. Custom inspection requests can also be done at this time.

Die Placing

Die placing is the process of moving the picked die pieces into a container. Once the die pieces have been sorted, picked, and inspected, they must be placed in a container for further processing. Depending on the manufacturer’s specific requirements, this container could be a waffle pack, gel pack, vacuum-release gel pack, or tape and ring/film frame. Custom requests regarding the placement of the die into the containers, such as specific sequencing of the parts or special orientation, can also be made.

Die Labeling

Die labeling is the process of labeling the container the die has been picked into or actually labeling the die itself with a laser marking system. Special labeling requirements such as specific formatting of part numbers, bar codes, or QR codes can be done as a label on the container or (in some cases) on the die itself. In some cases, if we are sending the die pieces back on tape and ring then we also can simply write directly on the adhesive film the identifying information required.

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