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Wafer Dicing Service

Wafer Dicing Service

APD is a fast turn wafer dicing service that has been providing services since 1999. We use precision mechanical dicing saws with diamond dicing blades to dice and machine a large variety of wafers made of various types and combinations of hard brittle materials. We have diced, cut and scribed wafers of silicon, glass, ceramics, sapphire, silicon carbide and many other materials.
We service Universities, R&D departments of large companies, low to medium volume production operations, start-ups and Research Labs (both Private and Federal). We do small to medium size jobs on a fast turn basis.

APD's Wafer Dicing Process Capabilities:

Wafer Dicing Methods

The basic wafer dicing process has been around since the 1950s.  Here I would like to describe some of the methods used in that process. The following has been included to provide background on the subject of wafer dicing.  APD does not mean that they are all available as in-house processes.  Some are in-house programs, others are managed by outside partners, and others we describe as a reference only.

Mechanical Singulation Processes

The wafer dicing method using mechanical sawing processes are Scribe and Break, Wafer Sawing using a diamond blade, and dicing before grinding (DBG). The Scribe and Break process is a dry process and is most useful for singulating MEMs (microelectromechanical) and other devices that do not do well in a wet environment. This method does become problematic when trying to cleave thicker materials.

Laser Singulation Processes

The laser dicing processes are laser ablation, stealth laser dicing, and thermal laser separation. The stealth laser dicing process is very clean and useful for singulating MEMs devices.

Other Singulation Processes

The Plasma dicing process has a speed and cost advantage when a large wafer with very tiny die is required to be singulated. There are other more exotic methods, but I wanted to touch on the mainstream processes.

The most requested wafer dicing process involves the dicing of silicon wafers and is performed by most wafer dicing companies. The APD process is described as follows:

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